Teen Eating Disorder Rehab Shows Orthorexia Obsession

Eating too many greens

Not all eating disorders have to do with not eating. Some can even focus on eating healthy. How can eating too healthy be an eating disorder? I’m sure you are wondering. It’s called Orthorexia, and it can take over your life.

Eliminating diversity leads to malnourishment

Orthorexia is a term that has only been coined since the 90s, making this a very young and unrecognized eating disorder. It is a disorder that can usually starts off with good intentions but lead to obsessive and disturbing behavior. People begin to become too immersed in their “healthy diet” and usually end up isolating themselves. Many young adults may find themselves in this situation looking to lose weight but could really use a teen eating disorder recovery for counseling and treatment. They can focus too much on only eating certain foods they believe to be healthy but without other important foods it can lead to malnutrition.

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