California Eating Disorder Treatment Center Shares 5 Focus Areas

As anyone who has recovered from an eating disorder will tell you, it’s not easy. But it is, of course, worth the effort. In working with people at our eating disorder treatment center in California, we emphasize that there are a number of areas of your life that will require specific attention during your recovery. They are all aspects of life that probably just happened naturally before your eating disorder. But being more attentive to them now will help you heal more quickly and more completely.

Stress reduction
Stress is one of the leading causes of eating disorders. The behaviors you engage in, though they are unhealthy, are your way of coping with the stress in your life. Of course there are many healthy ways to soothe yourself — from breathing exercises to taking a walk to meditation and yoga to engaging in hobbies — the key is reminding yourself to pursue them.

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