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Great Way to Help Others Improve Their Body Image From an Adolescent Binge Eating Disorder Treatment Center


Learning to love your body at any size or in any shape is something that each person has to do on their own. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t help one another improve our body image! At our adolescent binge eating disorder treatment center, we encourage people to help those they love gain a more positive perspective.

It’s Not What You Look Like But Who You Are

If you know someone who has a difficult time with body image, try some of these things to help them get focused on what matters:

  1. Tell them you care about them and why you do. Unfortunately, it’s far too easy to tie our sense of self-worth to our looks. “If I’m not thin/curvy/tall/short/athletic/etc. enough, I don’t deserve people’s love and respect.” Sharing with your friend all the things you love about them can help them see those characteristics as important and valuable.

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