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California Eating Disorder Recovery Center Talks About Postpartum


Postpartum depression (PPD) is a type of clinical depression that appears after childbirth. It is estimated that one in seven new mothers will struggle with PPD. In our work at our California eating disorder recovery center, it’s not uncommon to see PPD result in the resurfacing of an eating disorder in a woman who has previously recovered from it.

Symptoms of PPD can include:

  • Changes in sleeping and eating patterns
  • Intense sadness
  • Crying episodes
  • Low energy
  • Difficulty bonding with the baby
  • Reduced desire for sex
  • Ideations or intentions of hurting yourself or your baby
  • Anxiety, and irritability

While many women experience some of these symptoms for a short time after giving birth, if they are severe or last more than a few weeks, it may be that the new mother is suffering from PPD. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2u6xvIg


Enjoying the Holidays from a California Eating Disorder Recovery Center


For many people, one of their favorite parts about the holidays is the food. For someone who is recovering from an eating disorder, the many events centered on a meal can be challenging. At our California eating disorder recovery center, we encourage people to make a plan before the holidays arrive for how they will find ways to enjoy them.

Ways to Focus on Friends and Family, not Food

 Here are some time-tested tips for putting the fun back in holiday celebrations while you are in recovery: 

 Talk with a family member about your triggers. While those closest to you may understand what you’re going through, extended family members may not. Talk with a loved one that you’re close with and explain how you intend to handle meals and eating around the holidays. They can then share this information with others so they have some background.

Read more on this article: http://bit.ly/2jHB7sB